50 Word Stories: Captured

The mirror captured my soul and wouldn't let go. He tried to escape the frame's aluminium confines, the rippling quicksilver it held, but failed. He was trapped. Every time I returned, my forlorn soul looked back. Only when I covered him with a curtain did his eyes stop haunting me.

13 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: Captured

  1. Eeks..brings back a memory of a movie I watched as a young girl. Every time the woman looked in the mirror she saw how she aged, but in life she still looked I think around 30. I have had nightmares about it for a long time after watching it. My mothers plan to stop asking me from staying up late…well, it worked.

      1. I am truly sorry to hear that, because I think you’re quite handsome to look at 🙂
        Besides the fact your are worthy of looking at yourself 😉

      2. Meanwhile I was thinking about this some more … There could be another reason you avoid mirrors. Isn’t there a demon, who explodes or melts when he looks in the mirror? 😛

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