It’s In The Falling

When we are young, the transition from a crawling baby to a scampering child does not come without disaster. There is a certain inevitability about the fact we shall and do fall many times. And, that after it being witnessed by our parents once or twice, it will no longer hold the same fear. There is even less fear for the child. A baby sets its sights on something, clambers up onto its own two feet and lurches for that objective with a single-mindedness that any adult can admire. Yes, they will fall, but that child will just get right on up and try again.

As adults, we do not remember our own trials to a bipedal existence. For all those times we fell, the memories are obliterated. So I ask: when as an adult we fall even once, why is the struggle to stand again so difficult? Where is that childhood desire to regain our feet? Why are we inclined to give up? Is it to learn to keep going and never give up?

I can’t answer these questions with assuredness, but I will try like hell to act like I’m two until someone tells me to stop.

30 thoughts on “It’s In The Falling

  1. I’ve fallen a few times as an adult – mostly in the classroom tripping over students’ backpacks. When it happened, I laughed, the students laughed, I got back up and went on with the lesson. No big deal. But now that I have osteoporosis, the idea of falling has become a big deal. It annoys me. I liked it better when I didn’t care if I fell.

  2. You’ve hit an interesting topic here Richard. Falls are a major and serious health issue in hospitals and nursing homes in particular.
    On an individual and more ‘minor’ level maybe its because when we fall as adults it is not only undignified and embarrassing, it can be downright painful and hard to get up 😦 I speak from experience as a veteran of many falls, lol.
    But I do like the notion of being two – a state I like to aim for as much as possible πŸ™‚

  3. If we all labeled ourselves as failures when we fell down or made a mistake, there would be no world worth living in. Bring on your two year old Richard ❣️❣️

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