Slices of Night

We dreamt of the moon on a cool, winter’s night

Whilst others were quaking, we saw the light

A piece of space pie served in the sky

Where stars were sprinkled sugar twinkling on high

And a comet was trailing some fast-dripping cream

It made me so hungry, our beautiful dream

But glittering brightly the sky never knew

That all I was dreaming was of kissing you

And though it did twinkle, wink and entice

On that winter’s evening, you were my slice

11 thoughts on “Slices of Night

  1. Apart from the writing that I do read trust me, although as much I can try and write as you do I can’t, I just got my crazy version, point being….. do you ever sleep? I did notice that you publish posts all days at all times, so I got the conclusion that is not you who is writing, it is your computer, you just punch in some codes into it and the computer will write for you and then hit the button “publush”. I got ya now!!

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