50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

The road coughed up dust like a cat a hairball, neither pleasant and both lasting too long. I'd traveled the same baked mud for ten days on an incline that wore at the soul. When the horizon fell away, however, a new land unrolling like a tapestry, I remembered why.

8 thoughts on “50 Word Stories: The Remembered Road

      1. LOL Or trying to open the wrong car in the car park and wondering why your key wont open it??? LOL (yes, I’ve done that!)

      2. I did on that my birthday. Being a hero, (I am you know) I ran out to the car in torrential rain for umbrellas and couldn’t get in. I was at the car next door. LOL

      3. You are a hero! at least you had a reason, I was just at a car that looked like mine. Mine wasn’t even in the same row!

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