Stolen Souls


She possessed a haunting, lilting voice. Hard to age by ear or eye, I watched as she took centre stage in every aspect of its meaning. The other singers became as statues, their faces unobserved, voices unnecessary, the lavish set as nothing other than a backdrop to her. For me, it was the diva’s first and last performance.

Not long after her magical rendition as Cho-Cho-San in Madame Butterfly, the diva who shall remain nameless, for to name her is to undermine her mystique, developed that most awful of human conditions referred to by its initial alone to which there was no cure; it stole her voice and lessened our souls.

I thought how cruel it was for that earthbound angel, for her audiences, for her legacy and worst for the world, to have lost so much whilst still in her prime. I even told a friend of my feelings. She smiled in her own demure way and said, “The world has lost nothing just grown less vivid.”

I spent many years thinking my friend wrong, harsh even, but now as I pass into eternity, the diva’s voice whisking me away on lyrical currents, I suspect it was destiny. She has eased the burden on my departing soul as she did the day she stole it.

30 thoughts on “Stolen Souls

      1. I know that feeling. Been really ‘off’ my game since the ER diabacle. I did however think of you this am as I was out walking (not up to jogging yet) and for a moment since it had rained the night before it smelt like the brackens and I was transported back and you were there

      2. The other day when I was unwell (see previous posts) I was taken to the ER (that’s a first for me) it was a bit of a horrific experience – the ER doc said I had a carotted (sp) arterie (sp) that was blocked and I would stroke out any moment, the logical part of my brain said ‘no way’ but he was so sure and the symptoms were alined, and I had been having some issues with my heart so … just a nightmare. Turns out he was completely wrong about that but I do have heart disease nonetheless just not as serious. I have mitral valve prolapse which is fairly commonplace but with regurgitation which means 10 percent higher mortality and damage possible to heart muscle from regurgitation of blood back into heart (what we may have once called heart murmur with click and echo) plus I have a little arrythmia (sp) too. It’s just piss-poor bad luck I need to do more cardio-related stuff (although I’m fit and it’s not that which caused it but probably have rheumatic fever as a child that went undiagnosed for several days). it scared the be-jeezus 😉 out of me I must say, I had panic attacks which I have never had before, because when it’s your heart versus say, a bunion you know! Anyway kinda made me think A LOT about my life, (not trying to be self obsessed but that’s what you do when you are in the ER on a heart monitor being told you may stroke out) I realized I wanted change, but the problem is change requires a job/income that I don’t think I have the ability to do – it’s not easy to move and get a job these days after a certain age and with certain restrictions and limitations. But that’s what I would like. I want to live more fully. I never thought living for me would be about acclaim or success with writing – the other day a girl on here was saying she turned 50 and wanted to be famous – I realized that’s the opposite of what I want – I don’t want to be ‘known’ or even successful as a writer, I write because I want to and like to, I need to do something else just to keep myself ticking over and that will suffice because my ‘value’ in life isn’t success orientated it’s more how I feel emotionally and that comes with peace of mind and security and love. THAT is what I need to shift. Anyway TMI sorry!

      3. Good grief, Candice! Thank God you got to the right place at the right time. I’m so sorry. Always here if you need a pal.
        I sent you some pics on messenger that might make you smile.
        And you’re so right. Happiness is all that matters. Just be happy with yourself and as healthy as possible. But also never forget your value to yourself and others. Because in your case, it skyrockets.

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