Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 1)

The stars poured from the sky in a twinkling explosion of light in the night. To our left, darkness held sway over the universe. To our right, an even deeper obsidian. Yet in that cascading stream of all that was, had and would be a little of the past we’d created remained. It felt good to sail the rivers of forever knowing something of ourselves helped carry us from one realm to the other, that as one stage closed another opened.
Lulled by the shushing waves of stars, we rocked backwards and forwards in gentle undulations. Infinity soothed a troubled mind, the life I’d left behind becalmed. The rest of the crew looked through different eyes, too, more accepting, less turbulent, their expressions suggesting a shared epiphany. Perhaps that was how we passed through eternity’s curtains without even knowing? One moment darkness, the next, a coruscating rainbow of colour that was no more out of place for all its strangeness than had been the falling stars and midnight beyond them. We were through. But what next?

To Be Continued…

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