Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 5)

It was warm and safe and everything life was meant to be. I had no reason to leave, no desire to leave, no hopes or expectations of the world beyond. And yet, I did. They dragged me from her like a barnacle from a ship’s hull. I seemed to remember that from somewhere? A ship. My ship. Our ship.
I exploded out of the darkness into a world of light and sound and pain and heartbreak. But also love. All I’d been and all I would be, all the memories, sensations, truths of life departed in those split seconds of rebirth. And for a heartbeat, I was disconsolate. But not for long, as someone lifted me to the most beautiful creature I’d seen in all eternity, her brown eyes overflowing with love. Her eyes like my eyes, or ours, or both?

Thank you
I hope you enjoyed passing through eternity’s curtains.


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