on and off’s of (y)our love.

A poem that hits the mark. Please take a look at some of the other fabulous work on the site.


on and off’s of (y)our love:

it’s your frosty breath against the back of my neck
as your lips trace never ending paths,
paths that could put even travellers to shame.
it’s the exasperation in your voice
when you make broken promises
for days you hope won’t come.

it’s the bones of your knuckles
and the trails they leave down my spine.
(a murmur, a hidden secret, a song)
just as they did with hers.
(an open secret, a rumour, a wish)

it’s the heavy refusal of your hand to even touch mine in public.
a burden
you’d never
it’s your heavy breathing beneath my palm caught under your striped tie.
a burden
i’d never

it’s the warm pain of my love flowing through your tangled lungs,
convincing you it’s love. it’s love. it’s love.
when it, really, is just choking you.
you just dont want to know…

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