The Hidden (Episode 2)

img-alternative-textTristania hooked me by my britches, causing a groan, extended her gossamer wings and flew us away. Over the babbling brook, beyond the meadows and into the Wide Nowhere, as our kind called it, we sped before the others realised us gone. Like dragonflies, we dashed and zoomed, flittered and fluttered, until in a pop of faerie dust, the world beyond the borders of our magical world was breached. We were free. For the first time in our lives, we were wide-eyed and free.

If truth was told, I never thought we’d make it. I expected legions of faerie folk to take to the backs of robins and sparrows, skylarks and wrens, and come hurtling after us. When they didn’t, it was kind of anticlimactic. A smile from Tristania soon settled me though. A smile from Tristania always did.

To Be Continued…

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