The Hidden (Episode 3)


We stumbled across the first of the big people at the side of a hedge. He didn’t see us, but we saw him. He seemed to have sprung a leak and was flooding out fast. We left him to it because we were far too small to help and weren’t ready to be noticed. Next, came a small big person, if you know what I mean? The small big person kicked a round thing in the air that almost squashed us on its way down. We left him to it and flew on.
By nightfall, we’d flown further than any faerie might’ve dreamed. Tristania was exhausted, so we stopped in a tree that appeared to be the only one for miles around. We sat on a branch hand in hand and looked around at all the stone buildings that stretched in straight lines for ever and ever. Each spouted plumes of black smoke that made my eyes water and Tristania cough. It got so bad that an owl, whose kind had always been friendly to us little folk, invited us into his hole in the tree and made us a drink of nettle tea. There, safe from the smoke and the big people, the owl told us a tale.
To Be Continued…