The Hidden (Episode 5)


Everything appeared different at night. The world we’d dreamt of looked more of a dream than ever. A gentle hush fell upon the land as we left the world of the big people behind, a paused breath. Tristania never once let go of my hand; I was glad. Her wings shone in the moonlight like crystal, her eyes like portals to other worlds, better worlds, our world, the one we should never have left.

And there in the cosseted warmth of the kindly owl, we slipped back under the willow’s dangling tendrils and into a realm no others had seen.

The owl left with a hoot. We waved until we could see him no more, then waved again.

“Shall we go tell them we love each other?” I said, kissing Tristania on the cheek.

“I suspect they already know,” she smiled.

We walked the rest of the way home without the need for a willow tree to hide us. We would never need anything to hide us again, nor wish for it do so.

The End.