50 Word Stories – In Hallowed Halls

In hallowed halls we found them cowering like the frightened mice they were. Dark shapes with white-flecked collars, the clergy crumbled as our ravaged world burned.

“Where’s your God now!” bellowed one unruly bystander.

I would never forget their reply.

As one, they stood and said, “He’s already here.”

11 thoughts on “50 Word Stories – In Hallowed Halls

  1. I forgot to comment earlier since I was in a bit of a rucsh……. you’re a freak!!! No wonder the kids now a days are all traumatize because of you, hell even me I’m traumatize, going to the cooko doctor now

      1. No, actually is not me who is in or out, I just make the “cuckoo” doctor so “cukoo”, that they eventually don’t even want to see me, I even mess up with the minds of the psychiatrist…. that’s fucked up. No wonder here in my country that doctors are just leaving their profession to actualy become patience

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