Author’s note: For a few hours, the UK was bathed in the strangest yellow light. I tried my best to capture it, but it changed by the second. Amazing really.

29 thoughts on “Yellow

      1. I wandered outside as I was sitting at the computer and as the sky turned that leaden orange colour and it steadily got darker, I wondered if it was the apocalypse finally arriving!

  1. Great photo and words, Richard, and strange hues, for sure. We experienced the same here with the northern Cal. fires. The sun was a vibrant orange shade, but it was more eerie than beautiful. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this piece of yours, Richard. It has got this ‘mysterious atmoshphere’ that I associate with things that exist in the sacred space – somewhere between ‘life and death’ – on the edge of both, in between. I loved the end of that piece and you have no idea how much I can identify myself with those words which bring back in memory my own experiences (that are not just a ‘literary experiences’ but the real ones). Actually your work has a little to do with my recent post called ‘The Artists Are The Only True Eveangelists of Collective Unconciousness’ – and you are just another example – with the things you write – how well you match the atmosphere created by Visual Artists such as Henrik Uldalen or Gabriele Viertel or hundreds of others. It is something that Artist have ‘sharpened’ trough years devoted to the cultivating their Art, something that ‘Mere Mortals’ seem to forget about…Have a look at my blog and tell me how you liked it – but most importantly, have an enjoyable and inspired rest of the week.

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