50 Word Stories – Shattered Unseen


50 Word Stories: Shattered Unseen

We both had terrible eyesight; it was the only way we could stand each other. So when she smashed my glasses in a fit of hormonal rage, I wasn’t that bothered. When she ran away and fell over our garden wall, I was less so. She’d smashed the wrong ones.

26 thoughts on “50 Word Stories – Shattered Unseen

      1. Sometimes what is serious to some is funny to others! Takes a bit of perspective, so to say. I’m sure Punch and Judy didn’t intend for people to make a mockery of their unfortunate marriage 😀

  1. Evening Richard, taking a while to catch up between holidays, hurricanes, storms and all that follows – did you miss me making a spectacle of myself? Is there such thing as a right and left monocle.

    1. Blimey, nothing like packing it all in together! And you pose some thought provoking issues. I’ve been wearing my monocle in my ear to see if it helps me hear clearer. I’ll try it elsewhere.

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