50 Word Stories – Lifelong and More

50 Word Stories – Lifelong & More

We made a commitment unseen by all but the falling leaves. Tumbling cascades of russet blessings, it was all we needed. Married before nature, we swore to the woodland faeries, animals and flowers that like roots for their trees we’d support each other forever. ‘Lifelong,’ we whispered, then fluttered away.

17 thoughts on “50 Word Stories – Lifelong and More

  1. Sweet! 🙂

    Hope all is well at your end, dear Richard.
    If I remember correctly, your are working on a new book? This impatient woman is looking forward to it 😉
    Warmest regards,

      1. Wrong question, haha I was hoping you would enthusiastically inform me a new book will be published soon 😉
        Yippee! Keeping my fingers crossed, that day will be soon, so you can keep your fingers at typing 😉
        Enjoy the rest of your evening and until soon, dear Richard. XxX

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