50 Word Stories – Another Day Won


50 Word Stories – Another Day Won

The sun broke over a winter’s morning like crashing waves a cold, dark shore. It was more than a change of perspective, more than light versus night, rather, a reversal of fortunes, a gauntlet run and won. All it took was everything, and everything’s what it gave. Another day won.

17 thoughts on “50 Word Stories – Another Day Won

  1. Every time I stop by to “read you,” Richard, I get blessed with more than I’d bargained for, and I thank you. In this case, I’d had a conversation with a friend about the practice of “making a wish on the sunset” as a true act of faith. I’d never understood that practice…now I do…and better than ever!

  2. It looks like its pretty chilly there already? November in PA is still relatively mild, usually. Mild being in the 40-50’s during the day and the 30s overnight. Looks more like winter in Yorkshire 🙂 I know you’re happy!!

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