The world is blue.

Although life can be defined by the colours in which we parade, the earth itself lies resplendent under an emerald green jacket. For most people, a copse of trees or lush meadow define the idyllic. But not all.
For some, those identifiable dreamers, blue is the colour they aspire to be it ultramarine sea or cerulean sky.

Blue will fold around us when the green dies away.
Blue will be there when needed until our dying day.

A rippling reassurance when troubled. A turbulent chastisement when persuasion fails. Our droplet of universe.

The world is blue.

12 thoughts on “Blue

  1. The view is turbulent: often blue when life is calm, and sun paths dust the foamy clouds. But I love the gray hesitancy of an incoming storm, the darkness of its churned arrival; and the autumnal dying as horizons clear, and evening comes.

  2. I’ve never thought about this before. But the world is mostly blue. What do I feel about this? Do I accept it? We have no choice. It is what it is, and we are mere pawns on this blue gameboard of life.

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