Indy Fantasy Writers: Richard M. Ankers!

Many thanks to Iain for his new blog segment and allowing me to be first.

Iain Lindsay, fantasy author

indyfantasywritersToday I am happy to announce a new addition to this blog; guest posts by other indy authors on different aspects of their recent fantasy work. Why? Because indy writers need you! And they rock. One of my first introductions to the indy community came in the form of the small press zines – back in the day when that meant actual printed chapbooks and newsletters sent out by fans to their subscribers all over the world. Fantastic literature by way of punk rock, if you will. Many of those pen-and-paper storyzines have since folded – but the indy tradition has grown with the advent of digital self-publishing.

Every week, I will be featuring a different author talking on one subject, and the first season is “Covers”.

~ ~ ~

Covers; they say that you shouldn’t judge a book by them, and yet many of us do. They are the…

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6 thoughts on “Indy Fantasy Writers: Richard M. Ankers!

  1. Yes, that’s it indeed…the simplicity of it. The cover of the first I really love too. The title of the second, I think is just marvelously ‘found’.

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