New Years Wishes? Go And Find Your Own Alice In Wonderland. (31)

Read / Process / Enjoy. As always, Anna’s insights make for compelling and intelligent breakdowns of art and literature.

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‘Where I create, there I am true’ Reiner Maria Rielke

Holiday time, for many, is a special time when we take ‘those few days ‘off’ from the reality and allow ourselves to relax, chill-out and ‘drift away’ in our thoughts to the times when we were still those little, carefree children. Childhood is (or at least it should be) a time when things are usually much simpler, life is either ‘black’ or ‘white’ and in our naïve, little but already very sensitive heads there is nothing but big dreams and the hope to grow up soon and finally understand one, very important thing. That is – why on earth do the ‘grown ups’ almost never smile and worry so much about everything.

ALICE_IN_WONDERLAND_BOOKLevis Carroll, ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’, 1932, Private Collectio of the author. 

This year, inspired by a very long and fascinating telephone conversation I had with a France…

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