Our Essence

We tumbled, drifted, tumbled again
Just us against the wind,
You and I, me and you,
Leaves in a tempest,
Feathers on the wing;
Watching our lives pass
With smiles on our faces
Never wondering when we’d land,
Nor if there we’d settle
Like snowflakes made snow,
Blanketing the bad world
So all we’d know was truths.
A simple state of loving,
Our essence pooled together,
As eternal, we’d remain.

16 thoughts on “Our Essence

  1. The master, I say it seriously. You work on this writing craft a lot obviously, you take it serious, and I like to pass through your blog and learn from some of your writing, but do have to work more on my craft.
    Thank you Mr. Ankers.

    P.S. I would buy your book but I don’t have a credit card, my monetary situation seems is not all that good but I got an idea, you send me the book, I read it, take notes and all of that and then sell it for more, and give you half of what I sold, we both win.

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