50 Word Stories – In Cocoa

It was an idea, a fanciful dream. I packed nothing and left everything.

The plantations were green, not brown. A prevailing wind filtered out the sounds of humanity’s pickers but the life I had wished for never existed.

I returned home deflated. My mum smiled and offered me a coffee.

13 thoughts on “50 Word Stories – In Cocoa

  1. Hi dear Richard,
    It has been a while, since my last visit. Missed reading your marvelous pieces, but picking up my reading-schedule again. Hope you are well and wondering if a new book by your hand is something I (and many more) can be looking forward to be published soon? Any news on a red carpet event too, maybe? 😉

    1. Hi Patty! Great to see you. I’m hard at work on the books. I’ve one done but might hold back off publishing until what I’m working on now is finished. I’ve still got your red carpet place reserved. 🙂

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