April/May Author Update

April/May Author Update

Hi everyone!

Here at last with a cup half full – half empty type update. The reason for my being so late to post in April was I was hanging on for some news to give you, which is still on hold. The May news, however, has come early. So here I am, betwixt and between.

Needless to say, the last few months have been a hectic blur of writing and editing. The Theatre of the Moon is still undergoing some renovations, but looks like being a classy joint, or so the proprietor, La Contessa D’argento informs me. Fingers crossed. A little side project I’ve been scribbling whilst drinking my morning coffee has just hit thirty thousand words, and several more are all doing well. It’s always good to have a variety of things to work on. That way I have no excuse not to write — not that I need one. As regards general info, here we go.

The Eternals has just been translated and released in Spanish. Good of them to tell me! Unless they did, and I didn’t understand what they meant?

Speaking of The Eternals, Hunter Hunted, Book 2 in the series, is being promoted for four days by my publisher. You can snaffle yourself a free Kindle copy from April 24th – April 28th – that’s from today.

On side news, I’m delighted to have a short piece placed in issue 19 of Bunbury Magazine (out anytime now) called The Longest Fall. The Bunbury Magazine is an Arts and Literature magazine that I can highly recommend reading. You’ll enjoy it.

Also, I was honoured to be asked to write a recommendation for a lovely young lady called Soumya Mishra, someone I’m sure we’ll all here a lot of in the future. Soumya informed me last week that she’s been accepted for The University of Sydney, (Australia,) so a big literary congratulations to her. In a world where we hear nothing but doom and gloom it’s great to see young folk getting themselves out there for the right reasons.

That’s about all for now. I wish you all a great, and hopefully, warm May.


48 thoughts on “April/May Author Update

  1. Communication is not necessarily Key with some, eh? Im so glad you are enjoying your seclusion though…I rather wish I could lock myself away and work on my THREE WIPs! Alas, between moving, a new job, and social media…..you know the story. Glad to see you come up for air and say hellow thow 🙂

  2. Good to see you. What an honor and good news for Eternals to be translated into Spanish. Pretty soon, it will be translated into many other languages. Hope they are fast enough to tell you.

  3. Hello Richard! I love the cover of Into Eternity! My update-I’m writing a screenplay. Unbelievable. Ha. I just cancelled three social medias as they were not enjoyable lately. Lots of bickering, unfairly. Any who, all the best to you, and me too!

  4. Hallo Richard. Lovely to hear of your current writing projects – all the very best with it all… Spreadsheets are definitely the way to go when doing the search-trudge:). In the meantime, take care and hope the muse keeps on giving!

  5. Taking your time and enjoying it and it also brings you fantastic opportunities. So happy for you, dear Richard.
    Over here, warm summery-like spring days 🙂 Been (and am) outside a lot in the garden, but glad I made some time to visit your blog again en read your update.
    Wishing you a wonderful creative May and sending a big hug again. XxX

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