August Author Update

August! Really?

Another month has come around the summer almost lost. The prospect of cooler days and darkening nights only entices me further into a world of typed words. A bit of snow is now less of a dream.

I have had a busy couple of months applying dramatic touches to Nimbus — The Theatre of the Moon: Book 1. Coupled with a rewrite of my first foray into novel work, The Snow Lily, which is progressing nicely, I’ve had a lot on my plate. I’m glad to have. There is nothing gives me greater pleasure than writing and I’m doing it all day long, so who am I to complain.

I read somewhere that paperback books are now reasserting themselves over ebooks, which was good to hear. You can’t beat the smell and feel of a good book, luxuriating over its details, deliberating over how it will end at the turn of every page. Perhaps the world isn’t completely digital just yet.

On a different note, (for those of you who are aspiring to write but don’t know where to start,) here are two writing sites/applications I have recently stumbled across. I can’t vouch for either, but they’re free, so it might help you in checking them out. Here are the links.



I hope the above are of some use.

As regards the next few months? Well, it’ll be a steady balance between hard editing, rewriting and new work. Much as I would love to have a steady line of books appearing on the shelves, I have a gut feeling I’m going to give birth to two or three at once!

Onwards and upwards.


Richard M. Ankers

Author of The Eternals Series

29 thoughts on “August Author Update

  1. Good on you, mate. I haven’t come across Penstra or MyStory yet, I’ll have to check them out. I’ve just discovered ‘Write or Die’! That’ll put hair on your ribs. Any other app suggestions?

  2. Shame on you! You skipped a month! But immediately forgiven, since I know we readers are able to read more of your marvelous writing more sooner.
    Since you are more than a writer, being human and all that: hope you’re in good health, still enjoying your daily runs, wife and all other important ‘things’ in your life.
    Big hugs! XxX

      1. haha, yes, time has that annoying tendency to just keep flying by, haha
        Glad to hear you’re good, dear Richard. All well at my end too. XxX

  3. Little late to this one and we’re already in the grips of fall weather, love that winter is right around the corner though. I’ll have to make it a point to look up your work!

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