The Route

Route 66, East to West

Peddle to the floor

Hair a mess

Driving a daydream

Nightmare or more

Is this forever

Where the road is the law

Passing the steers

Who nod and agree

Each carrying less

Than my mental debris

Faster and faster

Just fumes for a bride

The Pacific, it beckons

Blue seas open wide

For miles and miles

And then countless more

This Vultureless carcass

Beyond natureโ€™s laws

Deserts and mountains

Blue skies, vast and true

My improbable notion

Of a hitch-hiking you

Swamped senses struggling

Unable to cope

They grow worse by the yard

God! Hand me a rope

And suddenly there

As air touches sea

My smiling persona

Now failing on me

The route ends

My velocityโ€ฆ does not

Thank you for reading


26 thoughts on “The Route

  1. It took me away, as your writing always had โ€ฆ in that car with you, seeing the sights, feeling the wind, even the hitch-hiker (oh wait that was me, that’s how I got into the car with you). ๐Ÿ˜Š But your smile faded, without the speed of which you go, tell me more. โค Kimberly

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