Spectral Inversion

Spectral inversion
I think I might be
A ghost prior to death
Lonely, so lonely

Seeing the colours
But never the light
Hearing the demons
Unable to fight

Spectral inversion
Yeah, guess thatโ€™s me
Dying by daylight
Lonely, so lonely

Touching at rainbows
Not feeling the rain
Lost in a snowstorm
Each bring such pain

Spectral inversion
Some claim that I be
Though I prefer hollow

A Poem by Richard M. Ankers

Image courtesy of Gabriel on Unsplash.com

7 thoughts on “Spectral Inversion

  1. Hollow that swallow all that is real and easy..eternally floating like a ghost in a dream.Nothing can be captured, nothing can be true..dreams turn into nightmares..then what to do ๐Ÿ™‚

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