Spectral Inversion

Spectral inversion
I think I might be
A ghost prior to death
Lonely, so lonely

Seeing the colours
But never the light
Hearing the demons
Unable to fight

Spectral inversion
Yeah, guess that’s me
Dying by daylight
Lonely, so lonely

Touching at rainbows
Not feeling the rain
Lost in a snowstorm
Each bring such pain

Spectral inversion
Some claim that I be
Though I prefer hollow

A Poem by Richard M. Ankers

Image courtesy of Gabriel on Unsplash.com

7 thoughts on “Spectral Inversion

  1. Hollow that swallow all that is real and easy..eternally floating like a ghost in a dream.Nothing can be captured, nothing can be true..dreams turn into nightmares..then what to do 🙂

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