A Mental Awareness Moment

This inexorable calm stirs my soul. This lasting moment becalms my mind. I have struggled, but at last I am free.

These rare moments of tranquility punctuate the otherwise haste of life like potholes in a street. We may steer around them, leap even, but if one is to pass straight over them… ah, now there’s the trick. To defy one’s knowledge, overpower common sense, a trick difficult to learn. To go when others say stop and pay no heed to the shouted abuse. Like life itself before the problems, as a child, one must fall to learn.

I am tumbling down a hole where the bottom goes unseen. I shan’t open my eyes until I stop.

I am calm, as I said, but for how long, who knows?

Not an end, but a beginning.

Photo by Valentin Lacoste on Unsplash

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