Slices of Night

We dreamt of the moon on a cool, winter’s night Whilst others were quaking, we saw the light A piece of space pie served in the sky Where stars were sprinkled sugar twinkling on high And a comet was trailing some fast-dripping cream It made me so hungry, our beautiful dream But glittering brightly the sky never knew That all I was dreaming was of kissing you And though it did twinkle, wink and entice On that winter’s evening, you were my slice Continue reading Slices of Night

Have / Have Not

 Authors Note: Just a little sample from a work in progress. "I have seen the stars and the wonders of a billion, billion galaxies. I have seen the birth of beginnings and the death of the end, the two forces that control us in their endless dance. In that place where light and darkness sweep each other away in opposing comforts, I have seen that which no other can imagine. Yet, in all of these miracles and more, I have never seen such as you. I have are two words spoken with ease, two I have used too readily, … Continue reading Have / Have Not