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Winter glass

Just had to reblog this. Incredible!
And to anyone who doesn’t realise, this is Candice Daquin’s NEW TheFeatheredSleep poetry site. Do yourself a favour and follow it if you don’t know her, and if you do, you’re probably already there.



Winter glass

is yellowed with old sun

mottled by bird claws

resembling stained relief

a mustard bath

enclosing grief

fields are reaped clear

left to darken

shaken fallow

like wands of sadness

where once they were bright

alive with mice and voles

claiming their hidden kingdom

ears of corn straining upward

unfolding as sun shines

we forget to wipe windows clear

when clouds descend and rivers


closing off air

closing off movement

we retire in our woolen worlds

tucking our chins against brutal cold

like robins closing their red breasts

and the light that gets in

is tainted

like long left cigarette

stains thumb and forefinger

betraying a little of the smokers emotion

as she holds it

sparking in darkness

inhaling her grief

like swallowing words

goes unseen

beneath the ice of defeat


we who clamor without tongues

who fill our mouths with knowledge

no one is…

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Hooray! Just when I was getting Candice withdrawal symptoms, she’s back. Please read and luxuriate in her prose just like I do.



He had your ruddy skin

capturing sunlight

even as cold

his fingers interlaced

asleep in formaldehyde

his eyelashes like a girls

wet in regret

nobody should die yet

he would have said

his lips pursed for thought

devoid now

the little children crowded

coffins edges like spectators

in miniature

would he arise? like the wooden Christ

over-seeing his funeral

and shaking off his death

make them scream in delight

and run

like birds fanning sky

sudden and vital

defying nature’s flute

calling him home

long has he slept now

beneath the weight of grief

like a man who is bewitched by

lips of woodland nymphs

too red, too soft

to know not

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Cracked Ice #writephoto

Diana’s writing is always wonderful. This proves her poetry is never anything less, too.

Myths of the Mirror


Flight of Faith

When I was a child, I could fly
you and I hopped in dirt-road afternoons
and the dust-wind flung us over seas of wheat.
scuffed shoes skimming the feathered awns
we whipped around the corners of the barn
in a home-sewn world of farm-hewn hands
our secret futures soared

In the veins of my hands
the blue brooks of time stream by
Somewhere on the way, I unlearned how to fly
and trod worn paths through autumn’s lea
snapped night’s brittle ice
shards of fractured faith
glinting in my wake

Today’s morning purls in plumrose
cast on a withering season’s stark debris
spangled with winter’s gilded rime
a new path of violet ice wends to the horizon
fragile, fissured, a wish yet unbroken
my secret future soars
and I wonder if I might fly
one last time

This attempt at poetry was in response to Sue…

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Glimpses – Launch Day #NewBook #booklaunch

A great big CONGRATULATIONS! to Hugh whose new book is out now.

Hugh's Views & News  

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to announce that we have lift off.

Glimpses, my first book, is now available to buy as a paperback.

Glimpses - The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Paperback: Thursday 1st December 2016. Kindle: Tuesday 6th December 2016 Glimpses – The new book of some of my short stories. Publication Date: Paperback: Now Available. Kindle: Tuesday 6th December 2016.

If you would like to order a copy, then please click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the Amazon site in the country you are based. Where Amazon is not available, you’ll be taken to the UK site.


If you would like a copy signed by me, the author, then leave me a message in the comments section and I’ll get back to you. Amazon doesn’t offer paperback versions in all countries, so I’d be delighted to sell and send you a paperback copy.

The Kindle version will be available from 6th December 2016 and is available to pre-order.

To all…

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In The Lime Light – Roari Benjamin – #AuthorSpotlight

A wonderful author interviewed by another wonderful author then reblogged by me. Honestly, what more could you want? 😬😳


blog cover small

Is it Saturday already? OH How time flies, but no matter, because Saturdays mean Lime Lights and that is fine with me 🙂 Time to shine the spotlight on another well-deserving Writer/Creater/Poet/Author who I recently met via Twitter (great place, Really, you ought to visit sometime if you don’t usually). But who you can also visit at her blog: So, go ahead, grab a steaming cup of something soothing, sit back, relax and allow me to present Roari Benjamin, writer of sci-fi and fantasy laced with romance and adventure. She lives in Southern California’s High Desert with the love of her life, their son and daughter, three cats, two dogs, and a turtle. Roari LOVES being in the water, in spite of the fact that she lives in a desert.

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New Release : Soul Embers

A great guy whose book will be equally as great.

Syl65's Blog


I am so humbled and thankful to announce the release of my fourth poetry collection “Soul Embers”.  A project which I started in January of this year and was able to see it to completion. Aside from some of my wordpress poems, I wrote many original pieces never published. Love is the foundation for all that I do and it is the main ingredient to this poetry collection.

It is available at  and Amazon ❤

A huge thank you to all of you here for inspiring me to continue my writing journey, create and reach higher than ever.

Love and blessings,



photo credit: Coloring Pages for Free 2015 

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Book Launch Announcement!

This is another of those fantastic occasions when I can give something back to a fellow writer. Michelle is a wonderful new author from the same publishing house as myself, Creativia. To anybody in the London area of the UK, I would encourage them to check the following out. To anybody else interested in Urban Fiction, check out Michelle’s book, you wouldn’t just have the enjoyment of reading something fantastic but also of supporting a  rising talent and genuinely wonderful person.

Thank you



Broken Roots by Michelle Diana Lowe


After her father’s invention earns her family millions, sixteen-year-old Teisha Cole moves from London to Florida. Uprooted from the place she loves, Teisha now lives in a broken home full of secrets and lies.

Following the death of Teisha’s grandmother, her fractured family is replanted in rural England, where a kingpin and his clan are laying in wait. What ensues is a dangerous game that brings their house to its knees, as the family’s wealth begins to disappear.

When Teisha’s father develops a mysterious illness, Teisha turns detective to unravel the truth. Escaping onto the streets and stumbling into the foster care system may be her only hope of survival.


Click here to purchase: Broken Roots