My Author Friends

A List of Some of My Favourite Authors and Pals

(Click the Links and Treat Yourselves to some WONDERFUL Books and Blogs).

In No Particular Genre Order

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Cynthia A. Morgan / Author of the Dark Fey Trilogy 

J. M. Northup / Multi-Series Author

Marnie Cate / Author of The Protectors of the Elemental Magic Series

D. Wallace Peach / Author of The Rose Shield Books and many others

Rachael Ritchey / Fantasy Author

Joshua Buller / Author

LG Surgeson / Author of The Black River Chronicles

Marjorie Mallon / Author of the Curse of Time – Bloodstone – Book 1

MG Wells / Author of The Lightmasters Series

Lisa Lowell / Author of The Wise Ones Series

Laurie Woodward / Author of the Artania Chronicles

Mari Collier / Author

Sahara Foley / Author

Kristina Steiner / Author of Equinox

Collen Chesebro / Author of YA Paranormal Fantasy

Julia Sutton / Author

Susan-Alia Terry / Author

Vashti Q / Author of The Fall of Lilith

Natalie J Case / Author

S.J. Higbee / Author of Running out of Space 

Poetry / Quotes and Inspiration

Sylvester Anderson / Poet and all round top guy

Candice Daquin / Poet and special person

Dorinda Duclos / Poet

Jessica Edouard / Author of Inspirational and Uplifting Quotes

Annette Rochelle Aben / Author

Christy Birmingham / Author

Pamela Read / Writing, Quotes and Poetry

Wendell A. Brown / Poet

Richard Rensberry / Poetry and Children’s Books

Kate Strawberry / Poet and Editor

General Fiction

Sue Vincent / Author

D. G. Kaye / Author

Sally Cronin / Author and promoter of others (because she’s much too kind)

A. J. Griffiths-Jones / Author of Crime and cozy mystery books

Robbie Cheadle / Author

Kenna McKinnon / Author

Hugh W. Roberts / Author of Glimpses short story collection

Kerry Watts / Author of crime fiction novels and children’s books.

Robin Murphy / Author of Paranormal Fiction

John W Wood / The House of Crow

Dermott Hayes / Author of Tito’s Dead

Margaret Millmore / Author

Eileen Thornton / Author 

Linda G. Hill / Romance Author

Eve Gaal / Fiction-Romance & Inspirational

Brian L. Porter / Multi-Genre Author

Judith Barrow / Author

Janice Spina / Author 

Anneli Lort / Romance Author

Suzie Lowe / Author of YA novel Seventeen


Julie Hutchings / Author: she’s scary but good.

Susanne Leist / Author of The Dead Game

Chris Tetreault-Blay / Horror Author