50 Word Stories: Into Eternity

Whilst the sun drips away, sorrow purges dead veins like sea ice flowing to the heart. Yet, hope remains of a place beyond places where lovers might live in peace and the gentle thuds of a chest in motion beguiles what melancholy has disenfranchised. Two wait to step into eternity.

Into Eternity (Coming very soon!)

Also by Richard M. Ankers

The Eternals

Hunter Hunted


50 Word Stories: This Contagion

The germs, they slip across my oozing skin, greasy hair, delve under my fingernails. A beast, that's me, an abomination made real by the air that infiltrates my permeable skin; it's taking over. There's nothing I can do to stop it. This contagion has taken me. I call it life.

50 Word Stories: Scaredy-cats

A menacing exchange of glowering, slitted eyes, the two antagonists circled in soundless rage. Not for the faint-hearted, each appraised the other like Great White sharks in oceanic depths unwilling to fight unless necessary. Who'd blink first? Who'd rule the street? A hiss, a meow, and the ginger cat fled.

50 Word Stories: The Perfect Couple

Helen's amazing skill was her insatiable ability to absorb information, retain it, then expound it at the most cutting times. Fortunately, I had the world's worst memory and forgot everything she said. In many ways, we were the perfect couple though Helen argued different. I think that's what she said!

50 Word Stories: Shipwrecked


The storm tossed us around like straw in a meadow. Violent gusts of wind tore the ship apart and hurled me unnoticed into the spewing waves. I screamed, but nobody heard. It wasn’t the ocean that killed me. It was my mind. I believed myself shipwrecked, but it argued lost.

50 Word Stories: Unwished For


She swept across the meadow in bouquets of death. The snowdrops, my favourites, turned black, the early daffodils wilted in grey. She entered my yard without asking and took my hands; I didn’t want to go. Lady Death cajoled me against my wishes. I’d so hoped to stay at home.

50 Word Stories: Passing Through


Another town,

another day,

another view,

I never stay.

I hum the same song. The words chug out with the same repetition as the tracks, a beat only I appreciate. It’s no life, mum claimed, travelling without a destination. She never understood. No one does. Only the songwriter and me.