50 Word Stories – The Raised Eyebrow

Two years! Two years of drinking more coffee than a whole family of cocoa bean addicts. That’s what it felt like, anyway. And I preferred tea. Would I have done it all again? Damn right! When I asked the barista out? She just raised an eyebrow. Still, wasn’t a no.



 She captured my heart,
 Caged it in a honied glaze;
 Too sweet to taste of,
 Too addictive to let go.
 Of course, I performed as I should
 For I could do no less;
 Her smile enrapturing,
 Her eyelashes teasing.
 When the winter eventually came
 The honey dried up,
 Upped and left for sunnier climes,
 Caught the scent of an elsewhere summer.
 I was left tasting without tongue;
 Beseeching without eyes,
 And despite my cravings
 Most decidedly unsweetened.