The Writing Process (Kiss and Tell)

The Writing Process (Kiss and Tell) That really is my hand and I want no unauthorised use of it. These last few weeks, I have undertaken a writing marathon. Whilst awaiting the cover and final layouts of book two of The Eternals trilogy, Hunter Hunted, I decided to crack on with unfinished storytelling business. Today, […]

50 Word Stories: Shadowed

If you’ve never seen sunlight filtering through leaves, you should, the interplay between light and shadow is stunning. I suggest hiding in a cave covered with a fallen branch and waiting for the sun to catch it. Don’t fall asleep like I did, though; bears live in caves. Mine, anyway.

Writing App Recommendation

I’ve recently found a little web app for writing, (I collect writing apps, sad I know) and thought I’d pass it on to you all now that I’ve used it a few times. The app is called OmPad┬ájust click the link. It’s just a simple background, which dependent on what device and browser you use […]

African Chills

‘There is no shame in recoiling at the cold. Frost can touch the very core of us in the wintertime.’  The old lady nodded to herself more than me. Lost in a listless land of legend, she remembered and smiled. ‘Of course, it is summer now,’ she added. I waited for some apt analogy, some piece of […]

Time After Time

 Cyndi Lauper plays on my headphones: Time after time. Words that mean more to me now, As the years seem shorter, And time comes repeatedly faster. I wish… As I close my eyes… And the darkness surrounds me… The cushion behind my head cloud-like… That I could open them when first I heard it, Look myself in the eyes, And say only three words before leaving: Time […]

A Burning Truth

Never did I think it would come to this! The world burned about her as she laughed into the inferno. Flames flicked across her manic visage sending an ironic chill through my body; it soon burned off. Her skin had transformed from porcelain to crimson; her hair black to magenta. But it was her eyes […]


“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald So true I thought I’d share it- Richard