50 Word Stories: King Alf

The sword stood embedded in a rock larger than a sheep. He knew it his destiny; it was an unavoidable truth. Merlin had told him so. He tugged. Nothing happened? "Pull, Arthur," encouraged the ancient wizard. "My name's Alf, not Arthur." "Damn, I really should magic a new hearing aid!"

 50 Word Stories: Aged

The contours of her crinkled face stood in stark contrast to her bright, clear eyes. Intelligence radiated from the woman like love from the warmest of hearts, her heart. Some called her aged, an old lady awaiting that final journey. I called her Nanna. My name fit her best.

50 Word Stories: That Gleam

 "Is there a forever, Grandma?" "I don't know, love." "But you're a ghost, aren't you?" The old lady adjusts her frail, grey frame in her oversized seat. "Not yet. Not quite yet." "You'll come back to tell me?" His Grandma's eyes blaze with once youth. "You can count on it."

Drifting on a Dream

Drifting on a dream. I’m drifting on a dream. I remember you from somewhere, but I’m drifting on a dream Grandma was old, ancient, in fact. With skin like Norwegian fjords, one could trace her beginnings through history right back to the day she was born. I often wondered what she was like as a […]

A Short Post on the Human Spirit

Author's Note: Every word is true. My wife, sister and I visited my ninety-five-year-old Nanna this week. No big deal, you might say. For us, it was. We don't own a car, and my sister doesn't drive. So, we borrowed a family vehicle, collected my sister, who lives forty miles away, and then drove the […]

50 Word Stories: Death in Scarlet

It was only a rabbit. I’ll never forget it, though. Something about how it stained the pure, white snow a definite scarlet like a new sponge soaking up raspberry juice. That was the day I learned death to be an act of vivid brightness and swore I’d never die grey.