Liquid Gold

 Without reason or regret, we hid behind the broken buildings. They had to come! The hours passed like slugs in a foot race, slow, slow, slower. Would they come? Midnight clouds crackled with the contained might of the universe, a pulsing, throbbing, sentient sky. Was it them? They dropped from heaven like liquid gold, […]

50 Word Stories: Featherless

 I'd seen it rain water, heard it rain buckets and told tales of it raining cats and dogs; it'd never rained feathers. White feathers the size of surfboards floated to earth to pile like the world's gentlest snowdrifts. "Now, they're all dead," said gran. I didn't dare to ask what.

No More Tomorrows

Like falling feathers, they descended, those of golden light and purest white. Soundless, the heavenly host alighted on every surface: roofs; trees; paths; car bonnets, everywhere and on everything. We thought they’d come to save us, to escort us to that better place, at last. Instead, they took us in with those deep, sad eyes, […]

Flowering Angels

   From shadows do such angels bloom  The night displaced by milk of moons As regal hauntings seek to stir The midnight calm, the spectral air Appearing from the noir and still Deposing night, ephemeral will The trumpets of the host appear Let’s listen now, let all us hear For fear of hour, of dark […]

50 Word Stories: Almost Angels

An unfolding, displacement of light by broad, white wings set against the sun, an aura of gold enveloping the figure. An angel, I’d seen an angel!  I lifted my aching form from the grass to a cool swish of air brushing my skin. A dove rose into the tree: disappointment.