Of Mice and Guns

The mice thought they had me cornered. They did. But not in the way they hoped. I watched as whiskers twitched and beady eyes squinted; I’d never seen a mouse squint having always kept my distance. They stood there like six-inch tall gods in their genderless, purple uniforms. I hated them, all dapper in their […]

50 Word Stories: Lost Wilderness 

Beneath the auspices of an Alaskan moon, wolves hunt. They sniff and scratch, pounce and howl in search of what they’ve lost. Joined by creatures from hare to caribou, a procession of life builds. There is no killing amongst them, not this time, for they all seek the wilderness. All.

50 Word Stories: Bad Attitude

It raved and writhed, tore and spat, no wonder the neighbours wouldn’t let it back inside.  I watched from behind the safety of our double glazed doors.  “Oh, God, is that a rabid rat!” my mum shrieked.  “No mum, that’s a chinchilla with attitude. Should’ve used fresh hay.” Goddamn rodents!


Does a Cane toad walk with a stick?  Does a Firefly get hot when he’s sick?  Does a Hyena laugh when he’s sad?  Does a Penguin not fly to be bad?  So much to ponder, my friends,  That at night it drives round the bend.  These funny, old questions of life,  Like how Turtles decide on a wife?  But the question I ponder […]