They say they’re armless enough, Yet I see eight! They say they’re actually smart, But I see a sucker! They say they’re a mollusc, I think that’s shellfish of them! I got told to buy one as it’s cool, But apparently that’s an iPod not a cephalopod! The octopus is a creature I shall have […]

These Isles

These isles of ours just aren’t the same We’re losing our history and good name For deer and eagle, grouse and dove Are leaving us through lack of love So much of nature wild and free Is being replaced by conservatory And concrete is the brand new grass But wild birds can’t peck beak through […]

Africa: The Dream

Uncharted, a virgin land White horses crash on golden sand Trees sway before a fierce typhoon No lights to impede the silver moon A deer peeps from behind the scrub And a monkey feasts upon a grub As crocodiles pretend to bask I’d check on that, but dare not ask For this pure land, this […]

Nature’s Overture

Dawn breaks to bluebells tinkling in a mistral wind Only partially sheltered under huge, creaking oaks. Leaves rustle in their canopy home And acorns rock in their closed hammocks. Crisp bracken crunches beneath cloven feet While wisps of breath huff into the clean air. Streams gurgle along hidden, liquid paths, And the first drops of […]

The Kitten

Picture courtesy of Google images. I walked down the laneBut I wasn’t aloneA little black kittenWas following me homeHe mewed at me onceLike he needed a friendAs he followed meAround that final bendHe looked at me softlyWith big blue eyesAnd leapt in my armsIt was such a surprise No collar had heSo dishevelled and unkeptAnd […]

The Windmill

Standing sentinel over verdant pasture  A throwback to a bygone age Creaking sails seized for eons now No longer bending beneath meadow winds Framed against an opaque sun and cobbled clouds You watch with pride over the wildflowers A silent herdsman to the cattle and sheep Children run about your girth merrily Unaware of your […]


Bluebells ring Grasses sway Poppy red Butterflies display Swallows swoop Buttercups glow Bees pollinate Daisies snow Lavender scent Willows weep Brook babbles Rabbits leap I smile I know My secret This meadow