50 Word Stories: The Sycamore Seeds

They spiralled down like dislodged plane rotors from the smallest fleet ever built. Millions? Well, that might’ve been exaggerating. Closer to thousands. Not one of them struck me, though. They avoided me with what I considered measured contempt. The last sycamore seeds of autumn. They could try again next year.

50 Word Stories: Ready?

Autumn has swept in without my knowing. An early gloom has stolen my evening reading and ushered in the need for unnatural, electric light; it buzzes like a swarm of flies. Northern kisses settle on chapped lips, the promise of snowflake tomorrows. There’s a change. Are you ready? I am. 


Shine Metallic, Autumn rusts in beauteous degradation  Twinkling one last time in the seasons slanted light, Each leaf prepares to fall, pride apparent in extended filaments,   Awaiting that long plunge to sodden ground Where copper memories shall chip from delicate skins  To empower the next generation With the knowledge of yesteryear’s cycle And the […]

50 Word Stories: Here with the Leaves

Leaves pirouette in twirling strains of rust, a fragmentary demise. I rub the autumn fog from my spectacles, but moist mists steal my joyous vision eclipsing the dancers. Like the weather and the nature it provokes, I am betwixt and between. A good place, methinks, here, twirling with the leaves.

50 Word Stories: The Nosferatu Season

The forest ran red with the blood of the season, crimson leaves flowing to claret berries, then on to pools tinted bright vermillion. Autumn’s metallic beauty imbued my world with a ruby life that death had stolen away. The Nosferatu season, I called it. But then again, I could.

50 Word Stories: Beautiful Departures

Spring bursts onto the scene with dreams of grandeur, its passing unnoticed. Summer fades like washed out watercolours, a petulant child. Winter melts, ashamed of the bitter friend it’s been. Autumn gusts from the trees like copper-coloured butterflies taking one last flight, the only season to depart in beauty.