The Beach (Tanka)

An ocean stirring
Silken waves kiss the bedrock
Gentle collision
Beachside memories of us
Footprints melting in the sand

The Beach

The beach, emptied by the westerly winds, stood barren apart from us two. We reclined on the sand as thought it was mid-summer, not Fall. The breeze wasn’t cold, more annoying than anything. No matter how many times I rubbed my sore eyes, they never seemed to clear of grit. The weather sought to hinder my day with you, but only aided it. If not for the constant wiping and opening of my grey orbs to your own wide blue, I should not have felt that same wonder so many times. It was like blinking in heaven as the same angel reappeared over and over again. What a wonder it was to be beside the ocean that day, I shall never forget it.

Dancing in the Rain

There should have been moonlight; I’d promised her moonlight. Heavy clouds masked the night in total darkness and bathed the world in rain. So what!
 She trusted me. Not once did Analise open her eyes, not a peep. I took her delicate hand and led her through the sawgrass down to the soft sands of the beach. Despite the deluge, the silica retained the warmth of the day’s sun in tickling heat. Those finest particles slipped between my toes warming the soles of my feet and strangely, my heart. Analise grinned, she felt it too.
 I realised then on that most miserable of nights, as the rain plastered the clothes to her satin skin, that it didn’t matter. Everything was perfect.
 Taking her by the waist, I eased her towards the lapping tide and allowed the surf to kiss our feet. There we danced, and laughed, and played. And, taking one last gulp of courage, I proposed. Then, and only then, did she open those beautiful, amber eyes just as the moon came out of hiding.
 She said yes.