Weightless, I drifted through a stellar sky. Worlds floated by as bubbles blown upon the wind. They shone for me those wondrous globes, beacons in the darkness, and I knew joy. To be lost in a childish dream with the soapy tang of those bubbles crashing against me thrilled and amazed. It was bliss, a moment of joy lasting an eternity.
 But, as I looked to the blue upon my hands, the emerald and ochre plastered to my skin, I realised it a nightmare. Whole civilisations cast themselves upon me crashing against my shores. I was powerless, a deity of destruction.
 I panicked then arms flaying, legs kicking, but it only made things worse. There was a futility to my actions a pointless waste. I could no more control the colour of the night.
 All I’d wanted was to swim amongst the stars and watch the worlds drift by. Instead, I’d destroyed a universe. Such is the power of a God and the difficulties in wielding that power no matter the good intentions.
 Now, as I sit in the nothingness with my head in my hands, I ask: where are my bubbles; where is my joy?
 They are gone.

 (Image courtesy desktopwallpapers.com)


Lost in a Dream

 Stuck in a moment
 Come loose at the seams
 I’m falling apart
 Uncomfortable themes
 Hoping and praying
 I’m part of HIS scheme
 Silent assumptions
 Whilst lost in a dream


I’d rather have nothing
Than gloat over wealth
I’d rather be humble
Than belittle by stealth
I’d rather see good
Than ever see bad
And I’d rather be tipsy
Than totally mad
I’d rather read books
Than litter my town
And I’d rather be smiley
Than pull down a frown
And I’d like to point out
As I finish my rant
If I strive to be good
I won’t need to recant.