Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 3)

We knew them as black holes. One such universal behemoth was bad, two, doubly, a wall of them, horrific. The great beasts sucked the colour from the sky like paint pots poured down multiple drains. The holes in space and time even took those angelic voices, wrenched them from the fabric of everything and stole them away.
I watched from the prow disbelieving, my friends and fellow crew on their knees. To have travelled so far for nothing cut deep. To have breached science and belief, that barrier between, only to falter when on the point of that final discovery hurt more than any physical pain. But pain was one thing mankind had learnt from.
I signalled for the others to stand, to meet our doom with pride. Stand, they did. Chins aloft, eyes forward, we whipped around and around and around, and then in. If God had meant for us to break on the point of all knowledge, to have teased and taken, he found an unwilling crew. Or so I tried to tell myself as everything stretched beyond the beyond and all we were snapped out of existence.

To Be Continued…


Beyond the Beyond

Every raindrop was a memory of her, the dripping of fresh blood on the tiles. As the clouds poured forth their anger and dismay, I mused, looking beyond the window glass, beyond the yard, fence, fields to somewhere less distinct. She awaited me there. Somewhere in a distant reality displaced from my own, she lingered. I heard her fingernails scratching the storm clouds, her sneers in the gusting wind, her rage in the thunderclaps. Beyond the beyond she grew tempestuous, and I struggled to make her wait.

I placed the knife back in the kitchen draw, folded down my sleeves and left. I’d be back. I always came back. And she’d be waiting.


A shimmering halo of almost-there, the little one hovered above the grass.
“Is this a dream?” I asked rubbing my eyes.
“Isn’t it all,” she said in tinkling tones.
“If it is, I don’t want to wake up.”
“Then, don’t,” she grinned.
“Won’t people miss me?”
“Not as much as you’ll miss yourself.”
I thought that a bit cryptic. But the stars changed through gold to green to blue and by the time they returned to an almost-gold, I’d forgotten what I’d asked.
“Shall we?” She held out her hand.
And at that moment, that split second in the illusion we call time, I took it.
I left with her through a thing like a door or a tear or a dream and went somewhere better. I was glad I did, then forgot where I’d come from.

Lost Words

 No tears,
 No grief,
 Just lay
 The wreath;
 Just step
 No more
 The words
 Are lost
 In time,
 As tossed,
 Your mind
 And soul
 No long-
 Er whole.
 But take
 Some heart,
 Not true
 As in
 Past veil
 And frond,
 Their love
 Will see
 Your em-
 And in
 Bright land
 Will reach
 For hand
 And stroke
 Your brow;
 No wor-
 Ries now


Beyond the valleys

And the rivers

And the streams

Lies a waterfall eclipsing

Every one of my dreams.

Cascading through mists

And falling through time,

How I long for those waters;

How I hope they’ll be mine.

Surrounded by thorns

And deepest ravines

With a kissing of berries,

As rubies it seems,

There I’ll be welcomed;

There I’ll be loved,

As I leap the beyond

In search of your love.


 What is it to dream
 When all’s not as it seems
 Who decides the view
 Me, Him, or you
 What is it to strive
 When others drown, dive
 Who decides you’re gone
 Me! I think that’s wrong
 What is it to smile
 When it’s been gone a while
 Who will make you grin
 Me, you, or Him
 What is it to die
 When others probably cry
 Who decides your fate
 Me! I think too late
 What is this place here
 When heaven seemed so near
 Who has chosen grey
 Me, I had to pay

My Cast

 There is no up, nor down
 No smile, nor frown
 Only light all encompassing
 A pleasant feeling
 No view, yet wondrous
 No sound, yet thunderous
 Sensations so cosseted
 Relief so deposited
 It is the place of my dreams
 The place ever in my dreams
 And, at long, long last
 I’m happy in my cast

You Said You’d Wait

 You said you’d wait, never leave me. I had thought it said in jest, as lovers often do. I was wrong!
 You hover, persist, wait, willing yet not to reveal yourself. Any dark corner could shelter you, any shadowy copse.
 But the night is the worst. That time when grey bends to black, and shadows blend. That is when I am most wary. Should I let my guard down, even for a moment, you are there. Waiting, always waiting.
 I don’t know at what point love, and the desperation to be with my departed soulmate, turned to fear, but it did. I fear for what will happen to me; what has happened to you; what lies beyond. I guard against it.
 But, no matter how hard I try, I feel you still at the corners of my subconscious. And I too wait, but not for the same reason as you. It sorrows my soul, and somehow, I sense you know it.

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