Me-How the Hell Did He Get Up There?

Now, I don’t want you getting all protective or too worried about this cat because, in truth, he’s playing ya. There’s lots of sparrows nesting in this guttering and this fella’s waiting for them thanks to some unsupervised scaffolding at the back of the house. He even smiled for the camera.

Normally, when I walk past this house there’s a cacophony of twittering sparrows but today there was only a cat-cophany (see what I did there) of hungry meowing. 

I don’t know if he’ll get his tweetie-pie supper but if this cat hangs around much longer it’ll be bats not cats on the agenda. 

Amazing what you see if you can be bothered to look up to the clouds.

PS. I saw a different cat up there last week and my wife thought I’d made it up. She said I was known for storytelling. I was shocked, as you can imagine! This is my evidence of roof-scaling felines and the lengths they’ll go to for munchies.

50 Word Stories: Lammergeier

How long I’d hoped to see you, Lammergeier. Some called you the bearded vulture, but I always thought it disparaging. You were better than that. You were my own personal, mountain dream.

Now, you cower before me, bedraggled and caged. The rain wets your feathers. The rain wets my eyes.