Whenever I'm bored, I like to skip stones. I find this a great way to chill and relax. If I can find a really flat pebble and the wind is just right, I can sometimes get ten skips. I can, honest! My miserable neighbours don't like it though. They're always out to spoil my fun. […]

50 Word Stories: What To Do?

I loosened the bottle cap, then flicked it as hard as I could. The cap spun around faster than a fairground waltzer, shot off, and hit me in the eye. I tried for hours, but couldn't manage it again. I felt such a one-time phoney. Geez was I bored!

On The Social Etiquettes of Conversation.

It is not that I am disinterested just less interested than if I was. I’m sorry if you find this a flimflam answer, but it is the truth and I am a truthful man, apart from when I’m not. That, however, is at my own discretion. I can assure you, if you are able to […]

Flash Fiction: Of Gods and Boredom

“I don’t know!” “But it was your idea.” “I stole it.” “Who from?” “Someone.” “Why?” “I was bored, alright.” “Not really. I’m a bit insulted.” “No need, I easily bore.” “So?” “So what?” “What are we going to do with it.” “Just leave it be and let life happen.” “What shall we call it?” “Blue […]

50 Word Stories: Bored

The crow stared at me, I stared at the crow. Beady, ebony eyes took me in, as my own blue did the same. He hopped back and forth, agitated, I swayed unwilling to give in. And right there and then we shared an undeniable truth: we were both so bored.