Goodnight Sighs

Lay back
Chill out
As dusk
Day at
Its end
The wine
The girl
The light
Her curls
Rat race
And life
Does sigh


Worlds tumble about me in free fall,
 Stars flipping from vertical to horizontal,
 Myriad flashes in a pinprick night.
 The universe contracts and expands,
 Whilst I stand at its centre unmoved.
 Am I reliving the beginning,
 Or witnessing the end?
 And, in truth,
 Do I even care?
 Unless, of course, it is I that hurtle through all,
 A broken spoke in the cosmic wheel.
 How do I know?
 How do I know?

Recapturing Serenity

 Serenity comes at a price;
 Displacing all the angst,
 All the accumulated dirt
 That collected litter of life,
 Stepping out into a clear day
 And realising you were never really that far
 From a beautiful, clear breath.

 (Image courtesy of LT-Arts on

In The Night

 I heard a shallow, wheezing breath
 It scared me nearly half to death!
 The squinting moon did shelter sight;
 The switch, I dared not reach for light.
 So cowered beneath shaking sheet,
 I worried so with no relief.
 As panting sounds grew closer still,
 I wished myself by windowsill,
 So to escape tormentor’s groans,
 But frozen stiff I stalled alone.
 Then cover to my bed did lift
 And curl into a ball did shift,
 Where trembling I awaited death,
 But all I got was doggy breath?
 For panting friend had given fright,
 As all things seem worse in the night.

 (Image courtesy Michelle Marie)

A Breath

 A breath upon the water
 Makes a ripple on the sea
 It travels over oceans
 Until it gets to thee
 A breath upon the water
 A lover’s kiss adieu
 But goodbyes aren’t forever
 They’re meant for me and you
 A breath upon the water
 Horizons sprayed in gold
 Where sunrise is eternal
 The place where we’ll grow old
 A breath upon the water
 My only wish is this
 You’ll cup your hands in heaven
 And taste my distance kiss


 It was less than a whisper
 More than a ghost
 Close to the West wind
 Mist on the coast
 A voice that asked me
 The question I feared
 ‘Do you still love me?’
 The vapour it neared
 I wanted to run
 Silently scream
 But came realisation
 That it wasn’t a dream
 So I sucked in a breath
 But by then girl had gone
 And all I was left with
 Was what had gone wrong