Shade stirred to motion
 World quivers beneath dark seas
 Sunlit memories

My Ocean

Note: As seen as it’s the end of the year here is something different. I wrote this for my good friend Desiree on WordPress. Hopefully it has all her favourite things in and works.

 I watch the tide roll languidly back,
 Poseidon’s liquid tablecloth exposing virgin sands.
 Silica glints from burning gold to tangerine,
 A billion candles reflecting the oncoming stars,
 And I bask in the kiss of a sea-spray dusk.
 The sun, almost set now, ignites the waves,
 Hephaestus’ attempt to burn the sea,
 But it fails, as Nereids kiss it away.
 Darkness falls, the pitch black that only seclusion can bring,
 And the night is pierced by those cosmic entities, the stars.
 They sprinkle the heavens as the sands did the Earth:
 So beautiful, so perfect.
 My only hope, as I gaze to them in awe,
 That they look down to me and smile,
 As I do, and always have, from childhood to man, at they.
 The ocean waves shush;
 The world breathes a little slower
 And eternity beckons for one more day.

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