In The Light of Thieves

In The Light of Thieves An unmistakable presence in the room, lingering without revealing, observing through unopened eyes, the ghost of the season watches all. He sways in a draught like a reed by a river as fluid as the moonrise and gentle as a warm summer night; but it is not summer, not now. […]

Me and Two Birds

The crow sat on a branch bobbing and weaving like an agitated asylum inmate. He eyed me. I eyed him. Something transpired between us, a battle of wills. It was jet black eyes versus grey with only one winner. He flicked up his tail feathers and launched into a cawing of such raking voracity I […]

Cradled in Tears

   Love cradles my heart, Suspends it in tears. For it was broken But, thanks to you, Seeks to be healed, Bathed by your sadness At how you found me. And, when it is, Whole and beating, Pulsing to your love, I shall hand it over to you; And smile; And be happy; And breath, again.     (Image courtesy RoxRio on