50 Word Stories: Scaredy-cats

A menacing exchange of glowering, slitted eyes, the two antagonists circled in soundless rage. Not for the faint-hearted, each appraised the other like Great White sharks in oceanic depths unwilling to fight unless necessary. Who'd blink first? Who'd rule the street? A hiss, a meow, and the ginger cat fled.

50 Word Stories: The Monster Under My Bed

The monster who lived under my bed had sharp teeth and slitted, emerald eyes that flashed with anger. If anyone disturbed the monster’s sleep it growled and hissed and shot out razor talons. Sometimes, when all was still, it even leapt on the bed smothering me.******I loved that cat.

50 Word Stories: Catlike

Green slits flicked open. She unwound like a cat waiting to purr the fridge door closed, but knowing there cream. I wasn’t good with women, too shy, but suspected her arched back suggested tiredness or desire. So, I did what any feline lover would, poured her a glass of milk.

50 Word Stories: Kat

Mornings just weren’t the same without you, the bed cold, my legs chilled despite the heavy duvet. Perhaps the loneliness affected me most, the creaking walk downstairs, drawing back the curtains to an unshared dawn. I miss you, Kat. You were the best partner a man could ever want — feline.

Of Mice and Guns

The mice thought they had me cornered. They did. But not in the way they hoped. I watched as whiskers twitched and beady eyes squinted; I’d never seen a mouse squint having always kept my distance. They stood there like six-inch tall gods in their genderless, purple uniforms. I hated them, all dapper in their […]

And So It Went On

My ex’s cat and I hated each other. A mutual dislike, my ex often said as we lay in bed staring at the ceiling. And it was. I hated everything about it: smell; hair; freaky eyes, way too green; how it meowed like crazy until I fed it. Everything. But when it died and I […]

Me-How the Hell Did He Get Up There?

Now, I don’t want you getting all protective or too worried about this cat because, in truth, he’s playing ya. There’s lots of sparrows nesting in this guttering and this fella’s waiting for them thanks to some unsupervised scaffolding at the back of the house. He even smiled for the camera. Normally, when I walk […]