50 Word Stories: Rectangular World

I discovered from my travels that the world wasn’t circular as proposed. Instead, our planet consisted of long swathes of straight edges with the occasional ninety-degree uncertainty thrown in for good measure. For the longest time, I became stuck at such an angle. With great relief, I eventually moved on. SUB-NOTE: (NEVER GIVE UP ON […]

Rolling With The Waves

Is it better to tumble in the surf of life Gasping and grasping for an uncertain shore, Striving to touch the sand and taste the sea, Rolling with the waves beneath moon and stars, Than stagnate upon a deadman’s tide Bemoaning the lack of a sail? I think so.

The Challenge

 Slipping between the pavement cracks  Chasm-like, they swallow the cities detritus  Others seem not to notice the gaping highways  Escalators straight to Hell, but I do  Each one seems wider than the next  And I fear I can no longer leap them  Don’t go out the others say, ignore them  But the challenge, the double dare if you like  Precludes that option, as […]