50 Word Stories: Change For Change’s Sake

“I like my vacuum cleaners to look like vacuum cleaners not airships, or oxygen masks, or lilac lawnmowers, or frisbees! Bleedin’ disgraceful!” “It’s called progress, Granddad. Stop moaning.” “Pfft! It’s called change for change’s sake.” “What would you rather have, a fancy vacuum, or dirt?” “A housemaid.” That’s my Granddad.

The Noisy

Once when the world was young Stars less tarnished Nights more polished And innocence still remained I dreamed of the quiet Of the fresh and warm Of snow gently falling Birds shaking wings Everything was wonderful All I would wish All anyone could wish Streams running through my mind Tinkling like bluebells But then came […]

50 World Stories: Inevitable Change

The sun failed to rise; a world wailed in the harsh, west wind. Night stood in permanence an unyielding blanket of tar. All was changed. All was still. I don’t know how many eons passed before I realised it was not the sun that had moved on but me.

I Closed My Eyes To Summer

The world turns, Air drops, Something differs, Stifles the humidity, Kissing the leaves with cold breaths, Revealing souls, Displaying life In a way the heat never could. A skittering leaf Troubles the window glass, Disturbs a restless sleep; The sort of sleep that is aware Even if the sleeper is not. I closed my eyes […]


I frequent the in between: The non-committal; The private world; The sheltered spaces  Of heart and soul; The me. Some seek to drag me from it Kicking and screaming, Protesting at not living like they do. But I do not wish to live that way: Life is too short to waste. So, if you catch […]

The Steel Ones

Red-eyed and dark  The shadows move. They outnumber us now: Four feet; Four eyes; Hard shelled, And hateful. When did we lose the battle For our own existences? Was there even a battle? I see the odd biped  Moving through the flow  With fear etched upon their face. I share it; I hate it. This […]


 The night echoes of a Winter to come and that of a Fall falling.  It is the moment between Summer’s joy and Winter’s slumber.   Life luxuriates over memories past and fortunes future,  And I inhale of it hoping to capture the essence of the change.  Whether I succeed or not, I am not sure.  But there’s a tang of […]