Childhood Lost

Beneath crayola skies, we lingered, Watching little butterflies flit between branches, Laughing at the starlings as they caused kerfuffles That only they knew And only they could end. This place of colour, light and creation, Unsullied by adolescent snobbery And adult ignorance, bewitched us. When did we lose it? When did we lose us? We […]

50 Word Stories: Shades of Night

“There are many shades of night, child, multiple blacks.” “Black is black, and it scares me.” The old woman smiled. “When the cold comes, we treasure the moments before sleep wrapped in blankets, our eyes closing, bodies warming, don’t we?” “Yes.” “As I said, there are many shades of night.”

50 Word Stories: Monumental

She screwed up her face, doing that wrinkly thing with her nose, tapped her fingernails on her front teeth to a clickety-click and looked to the sky. Those choices teased at her like cream hanging from a cat’s whiskers. Decision made, her declaration was monumental. “Lemonade please.” Job done.

It’s In The Falling

When we are young, the transition from a crawling baby to a scampering child does not come without disaster. There is a certain inevitability about the fact we shall and do fall many times. And, that after it being witnessed by our parents once or twice, it will no longer hold the same fear. There […]

50 Word Stories: Lesson Learned

I push the coin around the tabletop with my fingertip. The man on its surface regards me through one eye in intimidatory fashion. He does it once too often, so I flick him hard to the floor. My mother slaps my head and asks how I like it. I don't.